The Line Between Zen and Zeng

What’s “zeng”? A term we coined at SG Titans where you are fully revved up. Easiest way to tap into it is to get into rage. I see it a lot when training with the youth. I did it myself when I was a lot younger. Zen on the other …

Road to recovery

It’s been a long while but I really want to be able to do this again.

Ah, to feel explosive again. Biding my time and get back stronger.


The lifting belt

There has been a clear misconception by a lot of gym-goers and non gym-goers alike about the function of the belt. Seems that the common belief is that the belt is used it is to support the back.

Singapore Powerlifting Invitationals 2014

Was privileged to be backstage as Team Manager for the SG Titans while the boys from  warm up and making sure that they are prepared. There was competitors from the region Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Sabah. Ridiculously strong people.

Singapore Strongman Classic 2014

2014 was supposed to be the year I give myself a self-imposed  break and not compete at all. But that definitely did not happen. My friend Ahmad Taufiq Muhammad gave me a call and asked me to join the inaugural the Singapore Strongman Classic.

SG Titans Video Profile

A video profile of SG Titans by LiveFitter.

Extreme Strength – Strongman Sport

Every sport calls itself extreme but be honest. What’s more extreme than moving heavy odd shaped objects around?  Strongman sport. Strength as a spectacle and to inspire. Strength is not just physical but is an attitude.

Extreme Strength – mini documentary

You can!

Decided to start the year with a feel good video. Just to remind myself not to let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. You can. For all of you who want to start the new year with a bang – stop giving yourself negative thoughts.

Testament to the will of iron

As much as I admire the Flex “Sultan of Symmetry” Wheeler, Big “Lights Out” Ronnie Coleman or Dexter “The Blade” Jackson – only one guy truly stands out and I feel like i can relate to so much.(Yes, I’m using bodybuilders). 

Men’s Health Singapore August 2012

Got me a couple of pages on Men’s Health Singapore Aug 2012 issue. Not too bad

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