About Sulaiman Ismail

Random thoughts of a regular shmoe who has many different passions. Sulaiman is a Technical Project Manager in a ad-agency by day, a competitive amateur strongman at other available times.  Loves the sun, live music and walking in the rain. (you know, the regular stuff). Find me on LinkedIn.

Sulaiman Ismail chilling to Music in a bar (Singapore Strongman / Technical Project Manager)Strength – Passion – Humility – Perseverance. Strength is a Passion, needs Perseverance and must be tempered by Humility. Competitively moving random heavy objects quickly from one point to another in Singapore and Malaysia since 2007, a top 10 finalist since 2009. Competitive strongman helped ignite a different passion.Together with like-minded friends, founded the SG Titans – a not-for-profit group that allows anybody to try strongman, kettlebell and powerlifting. Run by strength athletes and other coaches who volunteer their time. it also aims to help youth to have a different outlet for their excess energy. Follow SG Titans Powerlifting on Instagram

2008 HometeamNS Strongman Challenge (12th)
2009 HometeamNS Strongman Challenge  (7th)
20011 HometeamNS Strongman Challenge  (6th)
2011 Orang Kuat Sabah (4th)
2011 IOI Mall Strongman Challenge (2nd)
2012 HometeamNS Strongman Challenge (3rd)
2013 HometeamNS Strongman Challenge (4th)


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