BDNF And Your Brain Health

“Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor” (BDNF) is neurotrophin that is considered an important protein that influences brain function as well as the peripheral nervous system. It influences a variety of functions including: preventing death of existing brain cells, inducing the growth of new neurons and synapses, and supporting cognitive function, while low …

For the Procrastinators, try the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It encourages people to work with the time they have – rather than against it. There’s been many different people ranting and raving about how this method helped them by improving their focus and increasing their …

Quick Updates for the OnePlus 3T on XDA Developers

Fanciscofranco has released the latest version of his FrancoKernel – r24. Works with 4.1.6. I think he makes great optimised kernels. Check it out here.

Magisk v13.0 beta is out. topjohnwu is again doing great magic. This latest version definitely bypasses SafetyNet. Tested it out myself. Read more on this thread on XDA Developers.


DM Verity issues for OnePlus 3T

Seems that every update is is triggering the DM-Verity flag and have an annoying message during startup. User Xennet on XDA Developers has found a way to have that fixed and listed out the steps. Check it out here.

OxygenOS 4.1.6 released for OnePlus 3T

Apparently OOS 4.1.5 was withdrawn after a day and 4.1.6 was released. I’m not sure what the difference is but you can check it on XDA here.

OOS 4.1.6 OP3T Full Zip | Official Server | Mega | AFH



Enable dm-verity for OxygenOS 4.1.5 on the OnePlus 3T

For those who just updated to OxygenOS 4.1.5 and  have their mobiles keep tripping dm-verity. Seems that the regular dm-verity commands doesn’t work consistently since OxygenOS 4.1.0. You will need to do extra steps. Download all needed upgrade files (if doing an upgrade) and, *importantly*, download and copy v5.1 to your …

OxygenOS 4.1.5 update Oneplus 3T is out

OnePlus 3T has rolled out an update and has several major bug fixes. Here are the highlights. • Added system push notifications for important information from OnePlus Updates: Updated network settings for select carriers Updated OnePlus Community app to v1.8 Updated Android Security Patch level to 1st May 2017 Modified WiFi …

Time-Restricted Eating

Most of us try to be more aware of what we eat and how it affects us. The difference is the proportions of the macros affect each of us differently.  But that’s just the basics. Adding on another layer of complexity into all this is not just what we eat …

Essential Phone – A Quick Overview

So Andy Rubin, the creator of Android is back! He’s gone off to do his own thing since leaving Google and I’ve got to say that it’s a gorgeous phone – the Essential Phone. Even the website is beautiful. Rubin’s a big believer that open platform is the one that …

OnePlus 3T Mods – Resources

The first place you need to go when you have a OnePlus 3T? Go to XDA. Our friends there have so many different tips and tricks, it will hurt your brain. So please do go visit XDA developers forum for OnePlus 3T. And probably this: (how to go back to full …

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