Quick Updates for the OnePlus 3T on XDA Developers

Fanciscofranco has released the latest version of his FrancoKernel – r24. Works with 4.1.6. I think he makes great optimised kernels. Check it out here.

Magisk v13.0 beta is out. topjohnwu is again doing great magic. This latest version definitely bypasses SafetyNet. Tested it out myself. Read more on this thread on XDA Developers.


DM Verity issues for OnePlus 3T

Seems that every update is is triggering the DM-Verity flag and have an annoying message during startup. User Xennet on XDA Developers has found a way to have that fixed and listed out the steps. Check it out here.

OxygenOS 4.1.6 released for OnePlus 3T

Apparently OOS 4.1.5 was withdrawn after a day and 4.1.6 was released. I’m not sure what the difference is but you can check it on XDA here.

OOS 4.1.6 OP3T Full Zip | Official Server | Mega | AFH



Who is U2?

I would think that U2 wouldn’t really want to brag that they have “the largest album release ever” when it was an auto (forced) download to every iTunes account.  That’s just bullshit. But then again, they are U2 – they don’t really care, do they?



They’re paid USD $100 million by Apple. Seriously,  Apple what were you thinking?  http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/u2-free-album-verdict-is-in–an-epic-fail-that-could-cost-dearly-20140917-10i2yc.html

— updated Sept 19 —

This article is true on all points. http://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbyowsinski/2014/09/18/analyzing-apples-u2-mistake/

A colleague of mine typed out “who is you two?” on Google cause he really didn’t know U2. They were a great band – keyword here is “were“. They are an aging rock band now who – God forbid – may think that they are known by everyone now but that may not necessarily be a fact now.

Hangouts get VoIP

So Google Hangouts get Voice (VoIP) when we thought it was on it’s way out.  Amit Fulay, Google’s product manager of Hangouts : “We want to emphasize people. The mode you use simply depends on the urgency level. We have text, video and voice. But that’s not where you start; you start with the person.”. If that’s where you are heading #Google, that’s great news for us the consumers.

Tech was always about  scratching an itch. But ultimately it is about the “Person” not the technology.


Extreme Strength – Strongman Sport

Every sport calls itself extreme but be honest. What’s more extreme than moving heavy odd shaped objects around?  Strongman sport. Strength as a spectacle and to inspire. Strength is not just physical but is an attitude.

Extreme Strength – mini documentary

Sulaiman is on Shutterstock Royalty Free photos

Yes! You can find me on a stock photo site. That’s awesome! Totally unflattering photos. But cool anyways