Disruptive Tech – Prosthetics

When a select few companies run the market and presumably have their own ways of doing things (which may not be efficient or has multiple layers of middle people getting some sort of cut), this type disruptive technology to the existing market is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

An extremely blunt post by Coach Taylor Simon.

Your personality could influence how well you fight disease

By Kathryn Lagrue, Imperial College London

What is Metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster or a group of conditions that result from altered metabolism which can lead to other serious complications. The process starts very subtly with weight gain and inflammation. As these progress, it then affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar metabolism, and hormone balance. Having one of the conditions below does not mean that you have it. But having one or more of the conditions listed below increases the risk of serious disease:

Torn knee (Medial Meniscus Tear) 2015

Updated  10 Feb 2015
Day 18: 10.02
Feel reasonably ok. DOMS is clearing. But still hurting.

Day 17: 09.02
Lots of rolling. DOMS is still bad. Can’t walk properly

Day 16: 08.02
Extreme DOMS from legs to my arms. Feels like i’ve never worked out in my life. Possibly from teh inactivity the last 2 weeks and lots of sleeping.

Day 14: 07.02
First proper workout. Did the following:

  • Good Mornings for the hamstrings.
  • Leg extensions for the VMO – between 45-30 degrees. 5kg was a pain. Had no control whatsoever and had issues pushing the weight. Muscle was just twitching and spasming.
  • Leg presses – with a moderate to light weight. It wasnt pretty
  • Light chest presses and some bicep curls

Day 13: 06.02
Physio says that range of motion is almost full but with some tightness. Starting to work on VMO (that teardrop shaped muscle at the knee). Have no control or power. Used some pilates machine to work.

*Updated 4 Feb 2015
Day 11: 04.02
Removal of stitches. Doctor is please with progress. Was surprised I haven’t started exercising my lower body yet. he says he knows me and wouldn’t recommend it to others, but i heal quick and should already start with presses etc as long as there is no full flexion. 45-60deg max. Gotta love my doc. And because the swelling has gone down considerably and almost non-existent, he decided to do the “hyaluronic acid” now too.

Day 10: 03.02
Physio prefers that i go slow and not even start with cycling yet. ROM is at 125 degrees which is a lot better than he expected. Healing is quick as per my usual rate.

Day 7: 31.01
Knee is still slightly swollen. Not at quick as i ‘d like to to be – i guess i need to ice it more diligently. Range of motion probably at 75%

*updated 29 Jan 2015
Day 4: 28.01
07:00 Knee feels much better with more range of motion
16:00 first session of physio
Exercises given by physio to activate glutes and VMO. Didnt realise it but was told that my legs have obviously atrophied since the initial injury.

Day 2: 26.01
07:00 Knee swelling and limited range of motion
15:00 Drain excess fluid from behind the knee
Started doing exercises to try reactivate VMO

Day 0: 24.01
07:30 off to Surgery
14:00 discharged and walked out of hospital

Pre -op 23.01
MRI done. Torn medial meniscus confirmed

Omega-3 confusion. So Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil?

What is Omega-3? We all know it is important yet always so confusing. It is an essential fatty acid that is critical for your body’s systems to run smoothly.  ‘Essential fatty acid’ means that it is necessary for human health, but your body can not make it. You have to get it through food or supplementation. The benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids have now been well established through a number of recent studies.

Nutritional value of food

Apparently in our haste to get as much “food” grown as possible in the smallest amount of space possible does have detrimental effects. Plants are cultivated for taste and hardiness not so much for the amount of nutrients it provides to us. Vegetables, grain, fruit that used to be extremely varied and has seasons are now available all the time.  This does affect us. Our obsession with the instantaneous and needing everything now  in or lifestyle including with our food is causing us issues. In food terms – we need to eat more food than people had to eat in the past in order to get the same amount of nutrients. Yikes!

The lifting belt

There has been a clear misconception by a lot of gym-goers and non gym-goers alike about the function of the belt. Seems that the common belief is that the belt is used it is to support the back.

Yes, it’s Windows 10

Not Windows 9 or Windows TH but it’s simply Windows 10. Lots of theories and Microsoft gave lame reasons but seriously why not?

Warning! iOS 8.0.1 update – no signal issues

For those on iOS 8, please hold on and not run the 8.0.1 patch that Apple just pushed.  It has been reported that it is causing serious grief causing these issues: