Singapore Powerlifting Invitationals 2014

Was privileged to be backstage as Team Manager for the SG Titans while the boys from  warm up and making sure that they are prepared. There was competitors from the region Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Sabah. Ridiculously strong people.

For the uninitiated – Powerlifting is a sport with 3 main disciplines

  1. Squat
  2. Benchpress
  3. Deadlift

There are 3 lifts attempted for each discipline. The heaviest for each discipline is totalled up to get the total poundage lifted. Winner is the heaviest totals for each weight class. Depending on which federation the contest is affiliated to, it may be raw or with suits.  This contest was IPF affiliated.

Check out some of the images here.

Punish Natural Nutrition was a sponsor for SG Titans for #SPI2014.

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