Testament to the will of iron

As much as I admire the Flex “Sultan of Symmetry” Wheeler, Big “Lights Out” Ronnie Coleman or Dexter “The Blade” Jackson – only one guy truly stands out and I feel like i can relate to so much.(Yes, I’m using bodybuilders). 

The other guys have great genetics to help them but this guy just keeps on working – nevermind the nay sayers. He does what he does because he wants to and has that great internal self belief. Genetics be damned. You can be the best you can be with the worst genetics just train smart and train hard.

Branch Warren.

Now this is a warrior – I have nothing but the utmost respect for Branch Warren. Torn quad in August. So what? Arnold Classic Champion in March. A full quad tear would bring any normal human to a halt. Not Branch. He is no regular human. He has that iron will. People say he doesnt have the genetics to be a champion. Others say he has legs only – nothing else is good.  You know what? He just told himself, he’s gonna be a champion – and he did. Torn triceps? No problem – better arms.

I have had my fair share of demons. The worst almost made me wanna just wallow and quit. but I’m better than ever now. A slipped disc. Yes, i compete in the sport of strongman – that doesnt mean i dont get hurt. Torn knee? just improve more. After my torn calf, so what? It just meant i put in enough training. Shit happens. I just have to bounce back up. I can only try the best i can at any given time. It’s so easy to just stop and wallow in self pity but what does that accomplish?

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