The Line Between Zen and Zeng

What’s “zeng”? A term we coined at SG Titans where you are fully revved up. Easiest way to tap into it is to get into rage. I see it a lot when training with the youth. I did it myself when I was a lot younger. Zen on the other …

The lifting belt

There has been a clear misconception by a lot of gym-goers and non gym-goers alike about the function of the belt. Seems that the common belief is that the belt is used it is to support the back.

Training- Give It Time

So it’s pretty easy to quickly change your training program just because you feel like it’s not working. Give it time before making up your mind.

Rhabdo – the condition that is rarely diagnosed

Rhabdomyolysis /ˌræbdɵmaɪˈɒlɨsɪs/ is a condition in which damaged skeletal muscle tissue (Greek: ῥαβδω rhabdo- striped μυς myo-muscle) breaks down (Greek: λύσις –lysis) rapidly.

The 4 Energy Systems

Talking to my brother earlier and he always has good questions and  it’s always good to refresh your mind.

Testament to the will of iron

As much as I admire the Flex “Sultan of Symmetry” Wheeler, Big “Lights Out” Ronnie Coleman or Dexter “The Blade” Jackson – only one guy truly stands out and I feel like i can relate to so much.(Yes, I’m using bodybuilders). 

Rating of Perceived Exertion (Coach Rizal SG Titans)

(This article is written by Coach Rizal and originally posted 19th Jan 2011   “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” is a BIG FALLACY The idea of “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” is a BIG FALLACY in exercise and performance training and should be avoided. Many coaches and trainers advocate this to …

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