Training- Give It Time

So it’s pretty easy to quickly change your training program just because you feel like it’s not working. Give it time before making up your mind.

The first week you perform a new program, your performance is pretty low simply because simply, – it’s new.  You’re not confortable with the movements, you’re totally rusty or your timing may be off. That’s normal because you’re doing patterns that the body isn’t used to doing.

By the second week you’re in a grove and getting used to the movements. Your nervous system is more efficient by the third week; it can better synchronize the muscle fibers involved in the movement and recruit more fast-twitch fibers.  These are neural adaptations.

At the fourth week, neural adaptations have stopped. You plateau. This is the point where muscular cellular adaptations start. This is the point where you should start lifting more. Stress the body to adapt and build muscle  because it’s not longer neural

That’s why the great athletes almost always swear by the same set of exercises day in day out.  but remember you can still have variations within an exercise – different speed/tempo, weight, volume etc.

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