The Line Between Zen and Zeng

Sulaiman Ismail Strongman Singapore Zen with Atlas StonesWhat’s “zeng”?
A term we coined at SG Titans where you are fully revved up. Easiest way to tap into it is to get into rage. I see it a lot when training with the youth. I did it myself when I was a lot younger.

Zen on the other hand is a sense of peace and calm.

They are on opposite ends of the spectrum but strangely, i believe they are the same. Being “zen” is great but that flame is not enough with the big strongman events. You’ll still have lots of energy throughout the day though.

On the other hand using anger and being “zeng” is like a really intense flame  that will die really quickly. You bleed energy and that is wasteful.

Hence finding that fine line between the 2 or knowing how to switch between the 2 quickly is a skill that everyone should try to harness. It’s a difficult but once you can master that, it’s definitely level up time.

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