Sometimes the simplest things are the best things

We live in a fast paced world where everything is go go go. Globalization, the internet and technology has forced society to move quickly in this new digital era or be left behind. What helps makes people from all over the world come together strangely is also the same thing that makes friends strangers. Do you remember a time when you know all of your neighbours by name? Or your friends who you meet and have a chat over tea/coffee/beer with and not just FB chatting a stranger? Nowadays when we say friend, it can be someone millions of miles away – yet we have never ever met in person yet we may or may not know.

How many remember a time when you want to shout something out but you refrain because you know there should be more tact and more thought over what you say cause it may hurt someone else? When today there are many who hide behind masks and say whatever they feel without fear of repercusion yet also without any sense of responsibility that it may affect other people?

Everything has a pro and a con. With more freedom, there is a need for moral responsibility. Who defines morality then? That is a deeper question that can be discussed at another time.

Move move move. So many opportunities at any given time. Do we know when to stop? The best are those who know when to run and when to slow down. We are all but human. We are not machines. Do not let us be the things that we create. We are not automatons that go 24/7. Some times it is hard to let go. We all have our responsibilities. Some more than others.

 Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses, sit and do nothing, smell the rain, breathe in the life around us Рand let the world pass us by.

At least for a little bit…

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