Essential Phone – A Quick Overview

So Andy Rubin, the creator of Android is back! He’s gone off to do his own thing since leaving Google and I’ve got to say that it’s a gorgeous phone – the Essential Phone. Even the website is beautiful. Rubin’s a big believer that open platform is the one that …

Things to Do When You You Do Have an OpenPlus 3T

If you can’t wait for the latest official OS updates, download Opera VPN. Change your country to Canada. Go to system updates, and refresh. The latest version should show. Turn off the VPN and start downloading. (this allows you to download at full speed unhindered by VPN) Run the updates …

Mobile phone batteries – how to charge them (Li-Ion)

Come one, you definitely have heard of this – let the battery run all the way down, and then you charge it back up to 100 percent. You probably still do something of the sort. Bad news people, That’s wrong. Just  because someone does that, doesn’t mean it’s right. Let’s …

Internet of Things 2016

The Internet of Things revolves around machine-to-machine communication. It is built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors. It’s mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connection. But It can be so much more. Sensors can be in cement in buildings to detect torque on buildings in areas which are earthquake prone and …

Disruptive Tech – Prosthetics

When a select few companies run the market and presumably have their own ways of doing things (which may not be efficient or has multiple layers of middle people getting some sort of cut), this type disruptive technology to the existing market is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

Yes, it’s Windows 10

Not Windows 9 or Windows TH but it’s simply Windows 10. Lots of theories and Microsoft gave lame reasons but seriously why not?

Warning! iOS 8.0.1 update – no signal issues

For those on iOS 8, please hold on and not run the 8.0.1 patch that Apple just pushed.  It has been reported that it is causing serious grief causing these issues:

iOS News – Device adoption rate

iOS 8 is being adopted quite quickly on iPhone 5 – (about 20% now and as long as you have 1GB space for download and approximately 5GB space for install). As usual, the updates will come quickly to Apple devices but as of right now, iOS 7 is still the most used version. Will keep you guys posted after a month or so.

I am just for knowledge and sharing

A lot of people assume that I am anti-Apple. No I am not. Never was. I am though not ashamed to say, pro Google.

Too much technology

A big chunk of my life is spent online – consuming information.  Emails, useless information, social media – non stop endless streams of media. It is an addiction, definitely but it is also a tool.

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