Things to Do When You You Do Have an OpenPlus 3T

If you can’t wait for the latest official OS updates, download Opera VPN.

  • Change your country to Canada.
  • Go to system updates, and refresh.
  • The latest version should show.
  • Turn off the VPN and start downloading. (this allows you to download at full speed unhindered by VPN)
  • Run the updates and you’re done!

Accessories are hard to get if you are not living in the countries that OnePlus can be found. Buy from Lazada (SG), or just use a 3rd party delivery service to have it sent to you. For example, I don’t want the US or the China power adapters for Singapore. I want a UK version of the adapter. So I buy from site and have Borderlinx UK send it over to me. Yes it costs more, but that Dash Charging is AWESOME. i love it. 5 minutes and i can get 25% bump just like that.

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