I am just for knowledge and sharing

A lot of people assume that I am anti-Apple. No I am not. Never was. I am though not ashamed to say, pro Google.

Why? It’s simple, really. I am a geek – A system analyst by training. Google is a company started by geeks, managed and run by geeks. To me, they’re a company who want to change the world by sharing knowledge. Geeks who dream of moonshots and doing bigger things.

Apple is, well, Apple – a highly polished marketing engine – a fancy chef who picks out all the existing ingredients to make the perfect dish and calls it something new. I love my Macbook Pro, a beautiful piece of machinery. Apple does make gorgeous products. Simplicity that’s perfect for the average person who like to do things the way it just is. You do not have to question anything, it is the best and only way to do something.


Just don’t assume that I’m every lay person. I happen to like tinkering and do things my way.

I guess I’m a romantic geek. LOL. I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge and the internet is the ultimate game changer (don’t get me started on the need to keep fighting for a free and Open Internet). The Internet allows knowledge to be shared quickly and It allows anyone with access – opportunity. The average Joe gets a chance, so does the well-off Joe.
I am not from an educated or well off family but knowledge and always seeking knowledge made me who I am. I would like everyone the same access. (Whether you use it or not is a different topic but that is a choice.) Google’s belief in getting everyone accessibility to the internet and hence knowledge and opportunity – that captured me – hook, line and sinker. As eloquently written by Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps:

Knowledge is a game changer. I’ve long been inspired by the Internet and how it opens the doors to opportunity. It provides access to knowledge, no matter who you are or where you are. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Nobel Laureate at a world-class research center or a young student at a rural school in Indonesia, with Google Search, you have the same information at your fingertips as anyone else.


Make no mistake, I know Google is a business – i.e. they are trying to make money . They are also doing their best hard to do good too and not just evil. They look for balance. And that’s commendable. It’s like what many of us strive to do. It’s not just about making a buck. It’s about helping others too. It’s just like every single one of us – we have the potential to do great things and the worst of things..

Android One video recently launched – shows a great example of Google’s very human direction. Love the message they are pushing.

Introducing Android One

Isn’t that a business that you can look up too? I can. And if we can change the world and pull everyone up with us along the way. Why not?

For all the techie android connotations that Google has, it is very much human. Compared to Apple’s luxurious robotic perfectionism.

And that is why I am pro Google.

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