Too much technology

A big chunk of my life is spent online – consuming information.  Emails, useless information, social media – non stop endless streams of media. It is an addiction, definitely but it is also a tool.

I use my memory less as everything i need is on my phone from tasks to phone numbers. I sleep less because there is just so much to read. I am less imaginative because everything that is imagined is brought to life via videos and movies. Books used to to be the gateway to another world and is only limited by your imagination. Now the world is brought to you by someone else imagination. Scary dark places are not as scary, i feel.

I am aware of what it is doing to me. What i am more concerned is with the effect it has to the children of this era. I am inclined to believe these parents.  They are definitely on to something.  Yes, kids should be exposed to technology.

But how much exposure is too much? There has to be a balance.


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