Singapore Strongman Classic 2014

ssc20142014 was supposed to be the year I give myself a self-imposed  break and not compete at all. But that definitely did not happen. My friend Ahmad Taufiq Muhammad gave me a call and asked me to join the inaugural the Singapore Strongman Classic.

We met up for coffee and he handed me this giant envelope with an invitation. I said no. I was definitely not prepared. I was training inconsistently and definitely have not had any Strongman Training in probably a year.  Taufiq said just do it – you’ll be fine.

Should i do it?
Figured i shouldn’t but the growing itch, the need to compete is something hard to ignore. Decided on it a 2 weeks out. I will compete but wasn’t delusional that I will place well.

Competition was split up into 3 main categories

  • Men’s Open (Invitational)
  • Men’s Novice
  • Women’s

In the Men’s Open 3 events:

  • Deadlifts – 170kg, 200kg, 270kg for reps,
  • Log Presses -100-110kg for reps
  • Atlas Stones 140kg for reps;

So i placed 5th of 9. Not too bad – considering the lack of training.

Photos on Google+


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