What is Metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster or a group of conditions that result from altered metabolism which can lead to other serious complications. The process starts very subtly with weight gain and inflammation. As these progress, it then affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar metabolism, and hormone balance. Having one of the conditions below does not mean that you have it. But having one or more of the conditions listed below increases the risk of serious disease:

Omega-3 confusion. So Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil?

What is Omega-3? We all know it is important yet always so confusing. It is an essential fatty acid that is critical for your body’s systems to run smoothly.  ‘Essential fatty acid’ means that it is necessary for human health, but your body can not make it. You have to get it through food or supplementation. The benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids have now been well established through a number of recent studies.

Nutritional value of food

Apparently in our haste to get as much “food” grown as possible in the smallest amount of space possible does have detrimental effects. Plants are cultivated for taste and hardiness not so much for the amount of nutrients it provides to us. Vegetables, grain, fruit that used to be extremely varied and has seasons are now available all the time.  This does affect us. Our obsession with the instantaneous and needing everything now  in or lifestyle including with our food is causing us issues. In food terms – we need to eat more food than people had to eat in the past in order to get the same amount of nutrients. Yikes!

They’re supplements, not replacements.

Supplements are just that – they “supplement” your food. They were never there to replace  food. If you are not eating whole foods and just using supplements – you are losing out what whole foods can provide.

Singapore Strongman Classic 2014

2014 was supposed to be the year I give myself a self-imposed  break and not compete at all. But that definitely did not happen. My friend Ahmad Taufiq Muhammad gave me a call and asked me to join the inaugural the Singapore Strongman Classic.

Fish Oil – Do’s and Don’ts


Rhabdo – the condition that is rarely diagnosed

Rhabdomyolysis /ˌræbdɵmaɪˈɒlɨsɪs/ is a condition in which damaged skeletal muscle tissue (Greek: ῥαβδω rhabdo- striped μυς myo-muscle) breaks down (Greek: λύσις –lysis) rapidly.

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