DM Verity issues for OnePlus 3T

Seems that every update is is triggering the DM-Verity flag and have an annoying message during startup. User Xennet on XDA Developers has found a way to have that fixed and listed out the steps. Check it out here.

OxygenOS 4.1.6 released for OnePlus 3T

Apparently OOS 4.1.5 was withdrawn after a day and 4.1.6 was released. I’m not sure what the difference is but you can check it on XDA here.

OOS 4.1.6 OP3T Full Zip | Official Server | Mega | AFH



Enable dm-verity for OxygenOS 4.1.5 on the OnePlus 3T

For those who just updated to OxygenOS 4.1.5 and  have their mobiles keep tripping dm-verity. Seems that the regular dm-verity commands doesn’t work consistently since OxygenOS 4.1.0. You will need to do extra steps. Download all needed upgrade files (if doing an upgrade) and, *importantly*, download and copy v5.1 to your …

OxygenOS 4.1.5 update Oneplus 3T is out

OnePlus 3T has rolled out an update and has several major bug fixes. Here are the highlights. • Added system push notifications for important information from OnePlus Updates: Updated network settings for select carriers Updated OnePlus Community app to v1.8 Updated Android Security Patch level to 1st May 2017 Modified WiFi …

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