Paleo Diet and Why You Should Tweak It

Michael Pollan Explains What’s Wrong With the Paleo Diet 

Interesting article and imho is common sense. Using the paleo diet as the basemakes perfect sense.  Keep food as close to natural as possible but doesn’t mean you have to go all raw.

In a nutshell – moderation is key. Try to cook your own food so you’ll know what and how much of everything you put in that body of your.

Paleo Pyramid
Paleo Pyramid

Personally, my food revolves around meat. Yes, but it’s only after a lengthy time of learning how my body responds to different food types. Maybe you are like me – maybe you are not.

It is a learning process and always changing over time. My tolerance for lactose has gone down considerably as i get older. While i used to be able to drink a gallon, now i’m happy with just a litre.

Our minds seem to prefer extremes when it comes to diet. But why should it? We live in this current world – not the prehistoric one.  We always need to adapt and we should continue adapting. Tweak our food and always think moderation.


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